Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Two weeks"

Wait. The mention of the word brings up visions of time gone wrong. Everything is in slow motion. A point in time seems light years away, and one seems to feel like they are growing cobb webs........."Two weeks". That is what we are being told as we await the arrival of our Kingair A-B90. I don't mean to be impatient, but it seems that every time we think the plane is going to show up........(Ringggg) "Hi, sorry the plane as another issue" Don't miss understand, I want the plane to be fixed before it gets here. I suppose that I sound like a little kid at the ice cream store; you know, jumping up and down with anticipation.
I can't wait for the day when we can carry a larger load, and get there and back in a decent amount of time. Looking back I must say I'm spoiled. I remember flying the same route in an Aztec, let me tell you at 130kts it takes a little time to get there.
Then again it never was about speed, it was about meeting the missionaries; getting out of the plane and your comfort level, and shaking their hand while looking at them square in the eye. Then it slaps you in the face why we do this. Ever thing matters, words, actions and the things you bring become God's tools for His kingdom. At time like these I feel a glow, and I thank the Father for using me...little me. God is sooo good!! Two weeks, yeah, I can wait.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mark, the Carribean Hurricane Jinx!

Hi, it's Kristin...

I've decided that Mark is the Carribean hurricane jinx... Notice how it's been a few weeks without a hurricane over Hispanola? Well, that's because Mark wasn't scheduled to fly!

He was scheduled to fly the week Gustav was around. No flight. He was scheduled to fly the week Hannah was around. No flight. He flew for one day between Hannah and Ike. The week of Ike - his week. No flight. Then Jeff was scheduled for one week and John Olinger was scheduled for last week. No Carribena hurricane activity. Mark is schedule to fly this week, and there is a tropical depression right between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic! Here's praying I am blogging prematurely and NOTHING HAPPENS! But if there is a hurricane, blame it on Mark!

Or the other possiblity is, God really wants me waking up early and running in the mornings. I have been spoiled this month and not had morning-boy-duty. I have been able to go to the Y and exercise. When Mark is gone, I have to go in the afternoons and I am not nearly as productive!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Flying between hurricains

Flying down on September 5th was not your "usual " flight. Nothing went wrong, the weather wasn't all that bad even though hurricane Hanna's effects were being felt. No, what was unusual was that on the way over to Exuma to refuel it was made known to us by the wonderful folks at Miami A.T.C (air traffic control) that we had two DC3s inbound to the same airport. We had one in front, and one behind us. When we all landed John Ohinger & I recognized them; it was our brothers in Christ from M.F.I. (Missionary Flights International). We all started talking and how we we all getting our flights in while we could. I had a chance to look over the paint jobs of their planes, as Charlie (our director) wanted me to do, and I must say the paint job looks great. So Charlie if your reading this, I say its a "go" for having the plane (our new Kingair) painted in the D.R.

After passing customs and refueling we all departed for Haiti. The effects of the hurricanes that have been pounding this poor island were very evident. Many towns were flooded, and many of the meager crops that people were growing were also flooded. Now more than ever the Haitian people & the missionaries that that serve there need your prayers. Here in the States our biggest worry is if there will be any plywood at the box store.

When all was done , we flew into Cap Haitian, Port Au Prince, & Les Caye, we had departed Venice at 6:30am and returned the same day at 10:30pm. I've got he greatest job in the world! I fly for Jesus Christ.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kingair Training-an exersise in faith.

On Aug 28-29 Jeff and I went for simulator training. You my ask, "whats the big deal?" but you see it is a big deal. Jeff and I did'nt have to spend one red cent! I was all worked up on how we were going to afford $5000.00 worth of training. God is soooooo good!! A freind of Agape who resently retired from the airlines, works part time at a training facility, and through the grace of God he asked if he could bring some friends in that needed some trianing. His boss said yes and we were in! Praise God!
Now we were able to do all of the training that we couldn't do in the real airplane. All of the white knuckle stuff that you don't do in the airplane. Things like engine failures on takeoff, Systems failures, you name it, electrical, hydraulic, and yes, engine fires. Let me tell you, these aren't the little beauties that you find hooked up to your PC. These are full size cockpits, and you could not tell you were in a sim. So needless to say our palms got a little sweaty! Our instructor Jim gave us a real workout!
I just want to say that Gods timing is ALWAYS perfect. Our plane is just about ready and He puts Jim in our lives. He knows that our wallets are light. He knows that we (both Jeff & I) came with no money(I mean NO money), yet we ate at Jim's house, and then, at the facility during dinner, it was instructor appreciation day, and we were invited to eat in the staff break room to a wonderful pasta dinner(by the way, Jeff & I are both flight instructors). God Is good!! ALL THE TIME!!! In scripture it says to worry about nothing, but pray about everything. How true.

Captain Mikarts

Captain Mikarts
Mark always says he has the best office view!


These are the mountains on the island of Hispanola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)

Haitian Airport

Haitian Airport
Here is a picture of an airport in Haiti!

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