Monday, November 23, 2009

Too close to call

I know that I haven't blogged in a while; but I have something interesting worth blogging. I came across this story that was originally written March 8,1986. Its an interesting story that gives you an idea of what we some times have to deal with.

It had not been week for the faint-hearted. First the Duvalier government had laid on a state of siege, with troops everywhere. Tensions were running high as country people as well as city people alike waited for some one to make the first move in the showdown between the people and the government of Haiti. Stores were mostly closed either in protest of the government of Duvalier or in fear of the mob attack by those who were trying to force the downfall of the Duvalier regime. In Cap Haitian there was one grocery store that opened for a couple of hours each morning to serve the needs of desperate shoppers. The store itself was like a mad house as people pushed and shoved to get what groceries they could before they would all be gone.

Then on Friday Haitian National Television announced what everyone was waiting to hear... Duvalier had fled the country. People everywhere erupted with wild shouts of joy, and joyful dancing in the streets. Then the downtrodden turned on the oppressors and the search began for those Tonton Macoutes that had caused so much suffering in Haiti during the Duvalier Regime. the common people became angry mobs of vigilanties, seeking out and beating or killing any Tonton Macoutes they could find.

The new government of Haiti, the Council of Five, attempted to restore order by closing the country's borders, roads, airports, and seaports, and imposing long curfews. That Saturday morning Agaps flights was hurling down the airways to Haiti when Miami center boomed over the pilots headset and told the pilot to turn back to the States; Haiti was closed up tight-no flights allowed.

Tune in next week for the rest of the story!

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Captain Mikarts
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These are the mountains on the island of Hispanola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)

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Haitian Airport
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