Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hait is getting better? Not really.

I must say that it is indeed a blessing to be in the service of the Lord. We have delivered over 500,000 pounds of relief supplies since the earthquake. In the process we lost our King Air 90. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the plane was not so lucky. We continued to provide relief regardless. The good Lord then mad in-roads for us to have a bigger plane that can haul double the load that the king air could carry.

The hanger has taken a beating during all this time that supplies have been coming in. The floor of the hanger is in a word, trashed. I’m going to need some big help in getting it to look good, so a word to you volunteers out there, come on in and give me a hand!

The situation down in Haiti is getting better. Instead of it being an intolerable mess, its now just a mess.

Haiti is back to its old tricks, I recently went to Port Au Prince where I would normally go to the “G.A.” ramp to off load. Now I am told to go to the main terminal to pass customs and pay all the fees. For a while we were exempt from fees due to the fact that we were bringing in humanitarian relief. Back to normal I guess.

The fees and taxes that were lifted for the relief effort for all that were bringing in tons and tons of food and medical supplies. But now we are being charged landing fees, parking fees, and communication and navigation fees. Unfortunately this is discouraging many people from coming down again after being slapped with all those fees.

Agape sent five 40’ containers only to have them held up so that the Haitian government can assess taxes and fees on the contents. Not to worry God is in control, and be glad to know that most of the containers have now been released.

I hate to think of some one going hungry, or not getting what they desperately need because of bureaucracy and greed. The world is a cruel place.

I’ve seen the cargo change through all this, from medical supplies to food, then to shelter, and now its transitioning into building supplies and construction.

Now for the most important: Your prayers.

Captain Mikarts

Captain Mikarts
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These are the mountains on the island of Hispanola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)

Haitian Airport

Haitian Airport
Here is a picture of an airport in Haiti!

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