Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer @ Agape.

Blessings abound! Our trip to Brazil went great, we learned many things about our new to us plane, and got to practice many otherwise dangerous maneuvers in the simulator. Now that we are equipped with our new knowledge we are better able to manage the unforeseen when we fly in the service of the Lord.
Please keep the missionaries and the people of Haiti in your prayers, as the situation has not really improved much. I happened to catch a story on TV about how rice vender's in Haiti are having a tough time making a profit because there so much rice that came in after the earthquake. (If its not one thing ,its another).
Unfortunately, the world has moved on and Haiti doesn’t make the news anymore. Here at Agape we are very aware of what is happening, and we are still getting supplies. Not like we used to, but its good to still see it coming in.
I hope that you had a chance to come to our plane dedication on July 26, a good time was had by all.
On June 26 Agape dedicated our new(to us) plane. Agape celebrated with a picnic and hot dogs , hamburgers and frys were served. Local entertainment was also on hand. The last time we lost an aircraft ( our Cessna Caravan) Agape went an entire year to the day without an airplane.
God is so good that he brought people and aircraft to Agape, and service to the missionaries was not affected . I don’t think that a month went by this time when we got the “Bandit”, Praise God!

Now more than ever the people, and leaders of Haiti need your prayers. It has been six months since the earthquake and nothing has been done with respect to removing rubble or rebuilding. 98% of the population is still living in tents with no water or electricity.
The Haitian government is tying up many of the critical medical supplies because the customs officials in Haiti what to impose a 20% tax on all relief supplies. There are warehouses full of supplies, but very little if any are getting through.
On the Dominican side, the Dominican government felt taken advantage of during the earthquake relief effort because little or no oversight was taken as to what was coming through the country. Now they are knuckling down on everything and making the process of Agape getting cargo through tough.
But God is bigger than any of these problems, and we continue to get the mail and much of the supplies through with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On another note; many projects are abound here at Agape, they seem to grow like the grass during the summer months. Just when you think you have them under control; you find your self drowning in the tide that is the infamous “honey do list”
If anyone finds time to come in and give a hand with gardening, painting, or just general up keep, please give me a call, I would love to share my Agape honey do list with you.

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Captain Mikarts

Captain Mikarts
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These are the mountains on the island of Hispanola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)

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Haitian Airport
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