Friday, June 4, 2010

June is here! Here is an update.

Praise God from which all blessings flow! If you read this log between the 4-12 of June, chances are, I am in in Curitiba Brazil. The weather is a low of 52F and a high of 62F. Four of us from Agape will be there going through the paces of getting checked out in the new plane. Unfortunately there are no simulators in the U.S.

The hangar is starting to look “normal” again, but it’s a new normal. Lately we have been flying Tuesday and returning the same day. On Thursday & Friday it has been a two day trip. Now that things have slowed we are going back to a Thursday / Friday only schedule.

In a way its sad to see that peoples attention span is so short; we received emergency donations for a solid 14 days, then it dropped off. Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers; many of the people are still living in tents, and now the rainy season is here. It makes for a miserable combination. Thank you to all for keeping this ministry going!

Praise God from whom all blessing flow! The mad rush which has been our lives for the last 6 months is slowing to a more normal pace (what’s normal?). We have had quite a few youth groups visit with us, one from Christ United Methodist Church, and the other from Georgia. The blessings that these young people bring to us here is great! They may be a little timid at first, but by the time its all done they see and learn that servitude isn’t as bad the world makes it out to be, and in the end we all learn something and the Holy sprit is awakened; aglow in our faces which makes others take note.

Yes the mission of Agape is to serve Gods missionaries, but there is a ministry created by the ministry. All that come to Agape are welcome, weather you come of your own accord or if you are ordered to come to serve community service, Agape is here to give Agape.

There is one gentleman which stands out in my mind. His name is George, and he is handicapped because upon coming out of a bar he wondered out into the street to be hit by several cars. After coming out of a comma for a few months the doctors told him that he would never walk again. George was ordered to serve community service. When he came to us at Agape he could barely walk or talk. We didn’t treat him any different than any one else. Now you wouldn’t recognize George; he now moves boxes speaks clearly and we love having him around. George said, “If it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t know where I would be, my body gets exercise from all the work you let me do and you treat me like a real person! Thank you.”

Thank you Lord for letting me serve.

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Captain Mikarts

Captain Mikarts
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These are the mountains on the island of Hispanola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)

Haitian Airport

Haitian Airport
Here is a picture of an airport in Haiti!

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